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With airlines now charging for every checked bag, savvy travelers are saving big by knowing a few basics about packing light for a trip. Over packing is epidemic among most leisure travelers and learning to take only what you "need" will save sometimes hundreds of dollars. In most cases, the extra fees you pay to airlines, bell hops, cabs and others would likely buy a whole new outfit if really needed once arriving at your destination.
Learn what the airline rules are for carry on size and don't exceed that. You don't always need an entirely new outfit each day; mix and match. Roll your clothes to keep them wrinkle free. Downsize toiletries; TSA already helped you on that one. Wash things out. Do some homework and it may save you $$$.

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Carry everything on your person that you don't want lost or broken. Know what to expect at the security checkpoint. You're limited to the size and number of your carry ons, but airlines are usually not too strict about the weight of what you are willing to lug with you through security, so put the camera in your pocket or around your neck. If your "personal item" is a laptop, remember it must come out of the case and into a bin by itself.
I agree with everything you have said. My husband and I have been traveling for many yrs. now. I am now committed to traveling LIGHT! On our past trip this fall to Sicily, Rome and Ireland, we used two flights on lo cost European airlines that have a strict 40lb. limit. So, in knowing this I thought it was time to make sure I packed light. We both had 21 inch rolling carry on bag and a backpack each! I cannot tell you how free, easy and great it was to travel about. I will never go back to more. Less is better. One warning: I did do laundry along the way. Make sure you have quick drying stuff.
A LBD and stretchy black pants will take you anywhere. I love Norma Kamali from Walmart - cheap, easy to rinse out in the sink and comfortable.

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