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Mango Festival Baní

We went to the Baní Mango Festival and they had a tasting tent where you could try about 25 different varieties of mangoes before purchasing the ones you want. We bought 8 dozen because we couldn't decide! They were $2/doz...…


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Beach day Las Terrenas

We took a few days off and went in search of a beach. About 3 hours north of Santo Domingo we found Las Terrenas and really enjoyed spending a couple of days in the sand and surf.…


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Carnaval in Ecuador

Just returned from Carnaval in Ambato Ecuador where they really do it right. Thought you might enjoy some pics...

Carnaval in Ambato Ecuador celebrates the harvest. It is abundant in fruits, flowers and breads. All floats were made entirely with fruits, flowers and breads.…


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Back to Baños

We just completed our wheelchair project in which 1100 wheelchairs were donated by the church to the people of Ecuador. Our wheelchair specialists from the US wanted to see a bit of Ecuador so we took them to Baños to relax for a couple of days. Baños is located just on the edge of the jungle and is paradise…


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NeoNatal Resuscitation in Guaranda

We traveled to Guaranda with a team of medical specialists from the US to train indigenous midwives in NeoNatal Resuscitation. These local midwives came from distant outlying communities to learn how to resuscitate newborn babies who are not breathing at birth. …


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Closer look at Manta

It was "May Day" in  Ecuador and with the office closed, we flew to Manta to see what we missed when we were here a few weeks ago. Come to find out, there are beaches with sand and boardwalks. Aside from the constant reminder of the nearby Tuna factory with its distinctive aroma, it is a nice place to…


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Good Friday in Quito

Good Friday in Quito is a huge event in which hundreds of thousands of spectators come from all over the world to view the "procession" in which hundreds of penitents parade over a 4 km route. Many represent Christ carrying the cross while others follow in purple robes.…


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Amazon Jungle

We spent last weekend visiting Tena, Ecuador which is located in the Amazon Jungle in the eastern part of the country. It's hot and humid and a long bus ride from Quito but it is absolutely beautiful. …


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Manta and the Coast of Ecuador

We traveled to Manta on the Pacific coast of Ecuador to visit a couple of foundations who are working with young children. The view from our room was quite nice and our big regret is that we were so busy we never even walked down tot he beach. Manta is a poor town and although it has a beautiful seaside…


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Around Quito

Mercado Carolina is very near our home and many weekends we stop over just to enjoy the variety of produce available in Ecuador. The colors and abundance are wonderful to see. This is the only market where we have found sweet potatoes. For some reason it is just not something they eat here. …


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Carnaval in Ecuador

Every year in early March, Ecuador celebrates Carnaval throughout the country. It has become one of the largest festivals of the year and every city does some sort of event, but Ambato is famous for going all out. Carnaval in Ecuador is not the typical orgy that often occurs in other countries but rather a…


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Guaranda, Ecuador

We enjoyed our first trip with me at the wheel of a car and we traveled about 5 hours south to a small and very poor community called Guaranda, Ecuador. We are meeting with hospital directors and physicians to develop a training program to teach medical people how to resuscitate newborn babies with breathing…


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Rural Ecuador

We took a ride out to the very southern part of Quito to discuss a proposal for a water project in a very rural community. The people were so nice and really need potable water for kids like these. …


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Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca is an absolutely beautiful little town in the south of Ecuador and we had an opportunity to fly down there and visit a number of  orphanages to determine if there were needs we could support through donations. We were incredibly busy but had just a few minutes to take a walk around town and see a few…


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New Smiles

We spent a few days volunteering with Operation Smile this week. They do an amazing work across the world and the LDS church donates twice a year to their program. We purchase sutures and anesthesia for the surgeries they do. It truly changes lives.…


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Convents and Culture

Celebrating 70 years, the Quito Metropolitan Cultural Center put on an extravaganza featuring the many ethnic traditions that can be found all over the country. It featured dancers, singers and many types of arts and crafts from around the country.…


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Local Fish Market

Every Thursday fishermen from Esmeraldes, along the Ecuadorian coast, bring their fresh catch up to Quito. They have a gathering place called Mercado America where they display their catch just that one day. The market has almost no smell as the fish are so fresh and the variety is amazing.…


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New Years in Ecuador

Saturday, as we left Hacienda Primavera in the northwest part of Ecuador, we caught a ride to a small town called Salinas where we took a beautifully restored old wooden train to Ibarra. …


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Hacienda Primavera

We finished the Christmas week by treating ourselves to a luxury stay at the Hacienda Primavera in northwest Ecuador. It is an EcoLodge built in the middle of the cloud forest and has some of the most spectacular scenery on earth. There are only 8 rooms and each has a view that can only be described as…


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Christmas in Ecuador

Saturday we took a bus over to the old airport in the center of town where they had a Christmas artisan market. There were some incredible works of art available. This is a hand made nativity scene placed in a pod from a tree that grows in the Amazon. People are so creative! We saw another that had a nativity…


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