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We just completed our wheelchair project in which 1100 wheelchairs were donated by the church to the people of Ecuador. Our wheelchair specialists from the US wanted to see a bit of Ecuador so we took them to Baños to relax for a couple of days. Baños is located just on the edge of the jungle and is paradise for those seeking an outdoor adventure in the Amazon. This was our 6th trip to Baños because everyone who comes to visit from the US wants to go. 

We took them on the waterfall tour as there are many beautiful waterfalls in this part of Ecuador. We are still trying to figure out how they built this platform under the waterfall...

Baños is also famous for its mineral hot springs. The city is located on the slope of a very active volcano and every evening many gather to enjoy the health benefits of this natural volcanic water. I am not sure if the volume of people in such a small area negates any potential health benefits derived from the mineral water.

The next morning we went to visit a monkey rescue mission where sick and injured monkey are brought to recuperate and return to the jungle.

There is something about monkeys that really holds an attraction to humans.

Nature is amazing. And just think, all because of one big bang ... NOT!

In a tour of the jungle we took a dugout canoe ride down one of the tributaries to the Amazon River. Incredibly beautiful.

A little fun in the village where we stopped for lunch.

And what a yummy lunch. 

Also known as a walking stick.

Any coconuts in this tree are pretty safe...

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