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Just returned from Carnaval in Ambato Ecuador where they really do it right. Thought you might enjoy some pics...

Carnaval in Ambato Ecuador celebrates the harvest. It is abundant in fruits, flowers and breads. All floats were made entirely with fruits, flowers and breads.

It all begins with a blessing from the local priests from the Catholic church. The entire mural is made of .... fruits, flowers and breads.

All types of foods are donated for the blessing.

Many groups performed including children to celebrate this important holiday. 

Art by local artists is displayed all around the main square.

Even the indigenous people come in from the country to participate.

Flowers in abundance.

Stewed fig sandwiches, my absolute favorite!

Some go all out.

The parade goes for almost 2 hours. Everything fresh. Amazing!

Lots of fun.

Love the local flavor.

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