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It was "May Day" in  Ecuador and with the office closed, we flew to Manta to see what we missed when we were here a few weeks ago. Come to find out, there are beaches with sand and boardwalks. Aside from the constant reminder of the nearby Tuna factory with its distinctive aroma, it is a nice place to visit.

For $3 we took a boat ride around the harbor to see the fishing vessels and get a different perspective of the coast.

Birds have become quite adept at grabbing the leftovers from the days catch.

The first night was pretty active with much of the town celebrating the holiday.

We took a short bus ride over to Monte Christi where they are famous for their hand made Panama Hats. These cost upwards of $1500 and take over 6 months to make just one.

The town itself has a lovely but modern church in the main square.

The last morning early we went over to see the fishermen bringing in their daily catch for sale. Wish we had a way to take them home.

The sea is a rich resource for the local people.

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