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We traveled to Guaranda with a team of medical specialists from the US to train indigenous midwives in NeoNatal Resuscitation. These local midwives came from distant outlying communities to learn how to resuscitate newborn babies who are not breathing at birth. 

However, on the way to Guaranda, about 5 hours south of Quito, we stopped in Banos for a little tour of waterfalls and jungle. This is known as the Devil's Cauldron.

We visited an animal rescue preserve where injured animals are brought back to health and then released again into the jungle.

There were an enormous variety of animals in the preserve.

In a local indigenous village they put on a presentation for our group.

The local kids were as good as the show.

We enjoyed a local indigenous lunch.

As we took a trek through the Amazon we encountered many unusual varieties of plants and vegetation. This is known as the Devil's Penis.

The small trail was beautiful.

We hiked a couple of hours and our guide taught us all about the medicinal plants of the jungle.

The indigenous midwives came from distant villages to learn how to save the lives of babies born with respiratory problems.

These wonderful ladies will make a difference in their local communities.

They are really lovely people.

Each outfit is unique to their community. They are so colorful.

Chimborazo, the 3rd highest volcano in the world.

At sunset...

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